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If not treated well, high level of bilirubin can damage
the brain and hearing. Our goal is to control the level
of bilirubin to fall on the level of safe zone.

Jaundice is treated with phototherapy. The baby is
placed under a special light that has an ability to
convert the bilirubin into a simple form that the
baby can discharge easily.

Any newborn can has jaundice because inefficient liver to
degrade bilirubin. Some babies are likely to have jaundice
more severe than other.
• Babies diagnose jaundice in 24 hours of life
• Babies with different blood type from their mother
• Babies with bruising from birth
• Babies with history from their older sibling

Whites eye turn to yellow
• Pinkish-orange spots on diaper
• Diaper is not enough wet
• Excessive sleepiness
• Refuse to eat
• High-pitched when cry
• Arching on back or neck
• Fever with temperature higher than 37.8 °C

At Bilitreat we provide you with the best technology to treat your lovely baby at your home. You can rent our phototherapy devices at an affordable price. We will deliver the machine at your front door with free consultation, demo and setting to guarantee you a hassle-free.

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We always measure the irradiance as to ensure the appropriate light dosage is received by your baby. Irradiance will be dosed based on the total serum bilirubin (TSB) level in five modes. Our phototherapy light is fulfilling the requirement of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and registered with Medical Device Authority, Malaysia (MDA).

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