Newborn baby Jaundice Treatment At Home

With the help of sunlight, to some extend it will break down the conjugated (simple) bilirubin for mild jaundice.

  • Place the baby in adequately illuminated window for 10 minutes on morning sunlight. Never place the baby in direct sunlight.

However, for unconjugated (complex) bilirubin with high reading, the baby needs to be treated using special light. This is call phototherapy and this treatment can be done at our home.

  • The phototherapy machine can be rented and setup in our home with the guidance from the doctor.

If the baby bilirubin level is very high and the baby found ill, the baby should be referred to the hospital for further treatment.

Newborn Jaundice Treatment

Severe jaundice normally will be treated with phototherapy by placing the baby under the special light. The light will break down the unconjugated bilirubin for easily being discharged through urine.


The parent should understand the two factors that will determine either the baby require phototherapy:


1.The age of the child

2.The level of the bilirubin


Newborn with a high level of bilirubin is highly likely require treatment. The phototherapy treatment will be decided by paediatrician and the parent’s comfort level.


When phototherapy treatment is unable to reduce the bilirubin level, exchange transfusion will be the last method. This blood transfusion is a specialized procedure and shall be done only in a hospital.

Phototherapy at Home

Most of the parent is curious about having a phototherapy treatment at home. Phototherapy is safe and will not harm the baby and it is painless.  It’s can be done in our home and it is more comfort especially at this pandemic time. 


The average phototherapy treatment for baby jaundice normally will require two to three days, and sometimes it will require a longer period. During this time, the baby will need to test for bilirubin level every day and usually will be done in a clinic. 


The parent is needed to bring the baby to the clinic every day and the nurse will check the baby’s health and advice on the feeding plan. When phototherapy treatment goes well, the baby’s bilirubin level will reduce to a safe level. The nurse will advise when to stop the treatment.

How to get Phototherapy Lamp at Your Home?

We provide Brand-Safe phototherapy lamp to treat neonatal jaundice at your home.

At Bilitreat we provide you with the best technology to treat your lovely baby at your home. You can rent our phototherapy devices at an affordable price. We will deliver the machine at your front door with free consultation, demo and setting to guarantee you a hassle-free.


We always measure the irradiance as to ensure the appropriate light dosage is received by your baby. Irradiance will be dosed based on the total serum bilirubin (TSB) level in five modes. Our phototherapy light is fulfilling the requirement of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and registered with Medical Device Authority, Malaysia (MDA)

Choose a packages for Your newborn

2 Days 1 Night

24 Hours
RM 250
  • Phototherapy Devices
  • Silicon Eye Band (RM20 FREE)
  • Free Delivery (KL & Selangor)

3 Days 2 Night

48 Hours
RM 350
  • Phototherapy Devices
  • Silicon Eye Band (RM20 FREE)
  • Free Delivery (KL & Selangor)

4 Days 3 Night

72 Hours
RM 450
  • Phototherapy Devices
  • Silicon Eye Band (RM20 FREE)
  • Free Delivery (KL & Selangor)

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