Breast Milk Jaundice

Breast Milk Jaundice is seen in healthy, full-term, breastfed babies that persists after physiologic jaundice goes away.


It often sets in a week after birth and can last about 12 weeks. In healthy breastfed babies, Breast Milk Jaundice rarely causes complications. Breast Milk Jaundice affects less than 3% of newborns and will eventually go away on its own.


The cause of this type of jaundice is not known. It is thought it may run in families or be linked to a substance in breast milk that prevents the bilirubin from being broken down by the liver.

Should You Stop Breastfeeding?


You do not need to stop breastfeeding when dealing with Breast Milk Jaundice. As long as your baby is well nourished, hydrated, and healthy, breastfeeding should continue. Jaundice will go away on its own. There is nothing wrong with your milk as, again, the exact cause is not known.


Breast Milk Jaundice is different from Breastfeeding Jaundice, which we will cover next.


It should not be confused with situations where a baby is not getting enough breast milk (Breastfeeding Jaundice). With Breast Milk Jaundice, the newborn is healthy and getting adequate milk from the breast.

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