Package 3 = 4 Days 3 Night (PROMOTION ONLY)

(1 customer review)


Package 3 =  4 Days 3 Night ( 72 Hours )

package includes:

  1. Complete Phototherapy Machine
  2. Eye band
  3. Free Delivery

1 review for Package 3 = 4 Days 3 Night (PROMOTION ONLY)

  1. Effendi (verified owner)

    Really help my son jaundice to go down drastically , now he’s totally dine after 3 days treatment under the blue light. The abang who set up the light is very helpful and polite. Instruction given very clearly and plus they got certificate for their equipment. Really recommended.

    Image #1 from Effendi
    Video #1 from Effendi
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1. We provide a high-quality phototherapy machine from Germany with approval from Medical Devices Authority (MDA).
2. We provide free consultation services from Registered Medical Doctor as needed.

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